Consumerism is what all human beings like doing. And it is from this very nature we have that successful companies tap into to make a lot of profit. At UNO Premier, you can have an amazingly simple system so you could earn a profit just like (and even better than) the big corporations out there without all the hassles and complexities if you risk to own and operate one.

Which is more difficult and complicated for you to do: teaching people to sell or teaching people to consume?

Obviously, selling is a human action that is not so easy and is a complex undertaking. That’s why people need to attend seminars and training for salesmanship. But telling people to consume or buy, just point them the way. We’ve been pre-conditioned for that since the day we were born.

Consumerism: this is something that people do already. In fact, this is something that people like doing. People are not afraid when you tell them to go buy something. Just hand them over the money and they’re gone in no time. On the contrary, nothing frightens most people the moment you tell them to go sell something. More than 95% of people are afraid to sell! They hate the idea of selling because of rejection.

So which is more simple and more favorable for people to do: sell products or consume products?  The answer is clear. This is the reason why consumerism is a powerful way to build residual margin. This is why profitable consumerism, as long as done right and in a simple manner, is a powerful strategy to build wealth.

Therefore, let’s do that which multiplies faster: consumerism that brings residual profit.



Is profitable consumerism a new idea? No. It’s not. It’s a growing business culture of rewarding the consumers directly instead of dumping funds to traditional advertising and promotions. However, it has not been fully utilized and mastered by many traditional or mainstream enterprises. Among the best examples of this include SNR consumer club stores. The more you buy, the more you get cash back or rewards from your purchases.

What’s the difference of UNO Premier’s Profitable Consumerism from those traditional rewards program elsewhere? UNO Premier allows you to get rewards not just from your own personal consumption but from the consumption made by the people you brought in as customers as well. You are entitled for a reward that goes some generations down. Since consuming is way easier and more simple for people to choose than selling, imagine the explosive growth or effect it can create as more and more people participate in it? This is a simple action that when multiplied a hundred to thousand times over can offer you a solid rockstar-type of residual income.

UNO Premier Products


The best products are, of course, consumables in the categories of health, wellness, nutrition and beauty. This is a trillion dollar industry that’s thriving continually due to the growing awareness on health issues and concerns. UNO Premier offers a line of exciting product selections for the health and wellness conscious. These products are set in packages, which can be purchased as entry into our Profitable Consumerism program.

Choose Your PackageTake the first step towards the journey of transforming your life.

Compensation Advantages

The compensation plan of UNO Premier offers everyone an opportunity to earn in 10 ways. But more than that, the complan has unique features that sets it apart from many of the industry players. It is designed to reward everyone who will work out the system diligently and in a smart way. The compensation plan has three features that is worth emphasizing: (1) Single Account Policy, (2) One-Leg Incentive, and (3) Affordable Maintenance. Check out more details below: